DIY Mount conversion of the super fast Canon newFD 24mm f/1.4 L lens to Canon EOS EF mount

This fast wideangle lens I bought instead of the Samyang 35mm/1.4 - cause I don´t like the mechanics if the Samyang 14/2.8, and suppose on the Samyang 35mm/1,4 it would not be better. MY Samyang 14/2.8 is defect at the moment because of the bad mechanics.

A Zeiss for Contax/Yashica would habe been interessting (and still is), but that lens costs more. And I was on a Canon FD trip :-)

Here how the lens looks normal with new FD mount:

And now the conversion to Canon EF mount for EOS cameras like the EOS 5D.
The mount conversion on nFD lenses is not a simple thing. Minolta SR mount lenses are much easier to convert to Canon EF mount for example.
The teardown of the FD mount is still simple:

You could see how I did the iris coupling on my FD 85mm/1.2L and Fd 400/2.8L mount conversion site with nearly the same technic.
Main thing is this iris connection ring that I made with a lathe and this time a file - this way I was faster thatn with the Proxxon MF-70 mini mill.
Connection to the camera is made with an M42-Canon EF adapter.
And you see that I made a thin ring to get the right flange back distance for the lens. The exact flange back distance could be adjustet under the focussing ring - take the rubber abway, and you could open the screws and adjust the infinity setting, pretty easy.

Now the complete Canon nFD 24mm f/1,4 L lens with EF moount - and on the EOS digital camera. Infinity could be reached with normal mirror. No surgery on the camera required.

Here are some test images, made with this lens, and a Canon EOS 5D camera - most or all wideopen:

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