A fuse in my Canon EOS 5D Mark I was blown - what to do?

Here images how I repaired - with the help of a friend - my Canon EOS 5D after I have blown off the fuse (or one of the fuses) due to a short circuit on the lens mount contacts.
With this defect the camera has not a single function or reaction, no error message.

I bought my camera used and worn, and I have itr worn out even more. But still it works just fine - at least before this defect.

All these ribbon cable connectors are delicate, only small force needed!

Camera back cover with display and back wheel.

Here you neet to pry the fastener open:

I am sorry for the unsharp images, I made it most times with one hand and a bit in a hurry.

Here you see the defective fuse!
But please measure the resistance of this fuse prior to replace it!
From this very valuable dforum board message from User Nightshot I got precious information!
Original it seems to be a 1.5A fast fuse, in size SMD 0603.

Here comes my friend with a lot of electronics know how in play. The original size for this fuse is hard to get, but a bigger one was much more easy.
Here you see the much bigger new fuse - I had no idea how to solder it into the right position! And even with the right size fuse, this soldering is "a bit" demanding -
these parts are damn small!

Cause this How To is chronological, I show here my way to have the parts stored: A plastic box with a double sided glueing tape inside. There I press the small parts in the order
I disassemble the camera (or lens) on to the glue. And afterwards I could easy take the right parts for the right place while assembling the camera.
But I have to admid, I had in the end one small screw left :-)

Again the parts in the box:

And now the solder work my freind did!

He found that a neigbour part has the same voltage, and so he had room to connect the new bigger fuse there!
The old fuse is not replaced, it is still in its place - blown it has no electricial connection, so there is no need to solder it out.

After assembling the cameras nearly completely - most screws missing - I made the first test: And it worked!
Ok, I have to admit: You see here the second test. The first test was disappointing. I re-connected the internal cables, and then it works.

Here the missing link, or more exact the missing screw.

And now again the well used Canon EOS 5D DSLR - now working. You see there my shorter 100% reflecting mirror - a part of my optimization for manual lens use.

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