My Canon EOS 1000D seems to be a bit defect-prone - here the reapir of a defect SD card slot.

I bought it used - directly after it had a repair. I worked a bit with its innards - that may have chaused the second defect, but I think not: There was a problem with reckonizing that the mirror and shutter where in the right positions. I changed parts, and it worked well. But months later the SD card seems to be locked. But that was the same with locked and unlocked SD card slider. And with different SD cards too.

I read that I am not the only one with that problem. And that sometimes one could repair that with some lock-picking - or more exactly with picking on the switch inside the SHDC / SD card slot:

Doesn´t work for me.
Now you could follw me, how I did the repair (exchange of the defect part) - I am not sure that this is the right way. Probably there are simplier ways to do that - I have no service manual.

Now we have to go to the front cover of the camera - but beware there is the flash capacitor - HIGH VOLTAGE - some ~ 350 volts!

Now we have the front open, on this board are points with ~ 300 V! That is enough to be deadly or harmful. At least it hurts only if you touch it.
Please discharge the capacitor as soosn as possible!

I show the discharging contacs here - they are bigger than the normal contacts.
Here you see where the pins of the capacitor is located - I have measured and decharged them earlier in the process of disassembly, but there was no change to make a good image.

This was the SD card solt I replaced with a working one (from another defect camera) - with the full surronding assembly. But the SDHC card slot board should be not much effort more.