After my telecentric I now make some hypercentric lens experiments

Normal photographiy lenses are endocentric lenses, with a simple telecentric adapter they can be used as telecentric lenses.
And with additional extension tubes in front of this adapter they get hypercentric.
Few people know whats a telecentric is, and even less people know hypercentric lenses.

In short: Normal endocentric lenses have their entrance pupil near or inside the lens, telecentric lenses have this at infinity! The principal rays are all parallel! This results in images without perspective - someting like from far away.

With a hypercentric lens the entrance pupil is behind the object - this results in strange kind of projection.

At the moment I have made my test images with white light, but the commercial available lenses are corrected for monochrome light only.
Most likely I could get much better images with monochrome light too.

Here a dice:

One could see much more than with endocentric or telecentric lenses - this is the reason why hypercentric lenses are used for machine vision!

You see, with white light there are plenty of abberations. But at the moment I have not uses a monochrome light suorce for my tests.

Now an image with the strange perspective - the lines on the paper are parallel.

Hypercentric perspective

And here a Edding color marker, seen from behind. You could see the printing on the parallel coat of the pencil.

hypercentric lens setup DIY

For photography this kind of lens is very unpopular - I search for objects that give great interessting images :-)

And now how you could build your own hypercentric lens:

Use a telecentric adapter like I showed here. Some extension tubes between lens and this adapter, and for example a Helios 44 58mm f/2.0 lens:

Or here with a Jupiter 9 85mm f/2.0 lens and this telecentric adapter:

For a bigger field of view I used a Helios 44 58mm f/2.0 directly on the camera, and with some kind of extension tube a condensor lens from an enlarger:

With the latest I made the dice images.

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