Nikkor EL Nikkor Enlarger Lens Fungus Cleaning - Easy Work

I got an EL Nikkor 50mm/2.8 with fungus - more exactly it was the second copy I bought on Ebay. The first one had not described fungus, so I send it back. The sencond copy I bought with knowing it has fungus or something like that (spider net structures, much dust or such). It seems for me that used enlager lenses are prone to have fungus - in the darkroom it is most times dark, and probably a bit to much air humidity. Good conditions for fungus growth.

I got the lens and it had a lot of fungus!

As far as I remember it was simple straightforward to open the front (with rubber from an old biycle tire).

Lens-Fungus-Cleaning with desinfection solution (Ethanol, 2-Propanol) form the chemist shop, and after that isopropanol alcohol.
Very uncommon is the white plastic inside.The fungus was located in the front assembly.

But I cleaned the back assembly too.

In this lens the fungus hyphae are good visible:

Now I want to use this lens for macro photography!

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