Simple conversion of a better cine projection lens to Canon EF mount

Got a Som Berthiot cine film projection lens, too convert it to Canon EOS EF mount.
I am sorry, it was a very fast conversion, with no pictures taken of the process - I even found no picture of the normal lens itself!

The conversion was done with shortening the lens mount back, to reach infinity focus.
I used a macro focus extender as focus mount. There I disassembled the lens system, and the front cover to reduce the thickness of the focus mount.
For this first try I used hot glue - my favorite for test constructions - but with a good glue (not noname products) and proper preparation of the parts I got long lasting connections. With other glues and very thin tolerances and good glueing surfaces regarding optimal force for glue connections I made my thin extension tube - this works even good with a 2.3kg Canon Fd 300/2.8L lens - hanging on the glued extension ring.

Here some images with nearly no post processing:

This projection lens is not super sharp - images made with Canon EOS 1000D with somewhat smaller pixel size. With the EOS 5D it would look a bit sharper in the 100% viewing (clicking on the images open the full resolution files).

Now Images with more post processing:

Contax II Color Dial Flower

Here further images made with a Canon EOS 5D - post processed. You see in the black and white image of the rain cover over the motorcycle that the borders lack sharpness.

This lens is not a classic lens, I suppose from the 1980, but this conversion is probably one of my most "Lens Butchery" likely. Most of my other lens conversions - for example different Canon FD lenses I have made full 100% reversible, without altering Canon FD parts.

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